Marianna Baker – Creative Director

Over 17 years of experience as, online producer and an interactive art director and creative director. Directing experience includes web site design and production, content development, management, and brand building.

• Creative strategy & direction.
• Digital storytelling.
• Content strategy.
• Social media & community management.
• Development of social media & community management guidelines, best practices, and protocol.
• Proven ability to lead and motivate creative team in a rigorous, high-pressure, and time-sensitive environment.
• Solid skills in crafting, communicating, and executing a clear vision in efforts ranging from launching a new process, to building a team, to content strategy and deployment.
• Strong ability to lead focused and powerful brainstorms with clear objectives and out-of-the-box creative exercises resulting in fresh ideas.
• Committed to nurturing healthy, cross-department relationships at all levels of an organization.
• Top notch presentation skills.

Specialties:Adobe Creative Suite 5, ActionScript, Flash Lite, Microsoft Office Products, Base Camp Management Software, Objective C, Content Management tool (Drupal), Product Creation, Branding, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Hootsuite Social Media Platform, SEO, Visio, Social Media Listening tools, Google Analytics, UX Design.

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